MSC Cruises is the fastest growing cruise brand in the world. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, MSC Cruises is part of the Cruises Division of MSC Group, the privately-held Swiss-based leading shipping and logistics conglomerate.

MSC Cruises’ fleet of 17 modern and innovative ships is one of the most environmentally-advanced in the industry. The Company is committed to environmental stewardship and works to minimise and continuously reduce the environmental impact of its fleet both while at sea and ashore as well as investing in the accelerated development of next-generation marine and environmental technologies. With a long-term goal to achieve zero emissions, in 2020 MSC Cruises became the first major global cruise line to offset 100 per cent of its ships’ carbon emissions that cannot be abated through currently existing environmental technology. 

Sailing to nearly 250 destinations across five continents, MSC Cruises – the contemporary brand – brings together more than 180 nationalities from around the world, offering an enriching and immersive cruise experience inspired by the Company’s European heritage. Expect to find international dining, world-class entertainment, award-winning family programmes and the very latest guest-friendly technology onboard. 

Overall, the MSC Cruise Division is investing an industry-unprecedented €20.2 billion and will bring up to 27 newly built ships into service between 2017 and 2030 to operate under its two brands operating in the contemporary and luxury segment.  

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