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Learn more about the art experience specially curated for MSC Cruises’ guests.

Art Walls – An Introduction

With each new ship delivered to its fleet, MSC Cruises aims to elevate the guest experience with unique onboard elements not seen elsewhere at sea.

The Company first introduced an Art Wall on board MSC Grandiosa and when the ship first launched in November 2019 at the German port of Hamburg, a note of approval rippled among the thousands of guests, travel agents and celebrities who attended the spectacular event.   

The art displayed on both MSC Grandiosa and her later sister ship from the Meraviglia Class MSC Virtuosa aims to compliment the richness of experiences offered on board MSC Cruises’ modern vessels, from world-class entertainment with incredible shows, a wide choice of international dining options, new activities for families through to an enhanced MSC Yacht Club.

The Art Wall installations bring together the world of fine art and technology to create a one-of-a-kind entertainment offering for guests to enthral them at close quarters to the world of beautiful art.

The artwork specially curated for MSC Cruises’ guests is displayed in the Parisian-styled L’Atelier Bistrot.  While enjoying French cuisine at its delicious best, guests are surrounded by original artwork, paintings and lithographs, all to enrich the ambiance and add to a pleasurable dining experience.

Edgar Degas

MSC Grandiosa between 2019 and 2021 hosted a purpose-built installation within the chic L’Atelier Bistrot, right at the heart of the ship’s Mediterranean-style Promenade.

The ship’s Art Wall showcased the unique Danse Dessins collection, an exhibition dedicated to the French Impressionist artist Edgar Degas.

The Danse Dessin series included 26 studies of movement and dance which previously had been exhibited in major international galleries and museums.

Guests were brought the very soul of a romantic Paris, all captured by Degas’ work. This beautiful set truly fitted within the specialty restaurant of the ship’s French Bistrot.

The introduction and presentation of the renowned works was part of a collaboration between MSC Cruises and THE AIMES, experts in creating multi-sensory, interactive experiences by employing innovative technology to engage people with art and culture. The exhibition was curated by art historian, critic and member of exhibition producers THE AIMES, Marcello Smarrelli.

Damien Hirst

Following the triumphant Danse Dessin series, MSC Grandiosa now displays pieces by one of the UK’s most famous living artists, Damien Hirst. 

This exhibition includes eight authenticated lithographs specially selected from Hirst’s Cherry Blossoms series, a stunning collection of works dedicated to trees in bloom. This classic theme showcases his deft touch with a brush and a painter of undeniable quality.  Each print is named after one of the Eight Virtues of Bushido: Justice, Courage, Mercy, Politeness, Honesty, Honour, Loyalty and Control. Hirst commented, “I hope that The Virtues can remind us to try always and get the most from life”.

Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein

MSC Virtuosa – named in Dubai in December 2021 - features 11 unique artworks Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, two of the most influential figures of the Pop Art movement in the swinging 1960s. The inspiration behind curating this unique collection stemmed from the following two quotes:

“Art is whatever you can get away with.” — Andy Warhol

“My work isn’t about form. It’s about seeing. I’m excited about seeing things, and I’m interested in the way I think other people see things.” – Roy Lichtenstein

Fine Art and Technology in Unison 

The art exhibitions onboard MSC Cruises’ ships not only enriches the guest experience but also comes with an educational purpose. Digital content is produced to provide further information on the artwork, connecting people with fine art in a new way.

Currently, guests sitting in the L’Atelier Bistrot can read informative material dedicated to the artists and the artworks on display.

The Pop Art exhibition on board MSC Virtuosa also includes a captivating experience for guests with four videos presenting the work and life of Warhol and Lichtenstein. Guests can learn more about the artistic movement that most marked much of the second half of the 20th century and introduced a younger audience to the world of art through the artists’ use of bright and vivid colours and contemporary settings.